Chemotherapy Facts

Chemotherapy YES or NO?

Here are some facts and figures about chemotherapy:

How is effectiveness of cytostatic’s (medicines for chemotherapy) tested?

There are no official studies who consider the patients with chemotherapy compared to patients without chemo. This is “ethically unacceptable”.

When your doctor tells you that with a new chemotherapy your chances rise by 50%, this means the following: if an older chemotherapy drug has chance of survival (measured at 5 years survival rate) of 1% and a new drug increases this to 1.5%, statistically there is an improvement of 50%.

Two 2006 studies completed at 154 971 cancer patients from the USA and 72 903 cancer patients from Australia, makes total of 227 874 patients, have been accompanied for 5 years after their chemotherapy. The results were a disastrous outcome for chemotherapy: The chances of survival are just at 2 -3%. But is it allowed to ask what is the result after 7 or more years?

Source: Burton Goldberg, 2004 – Read the entire article here.

Similar results were found by Prof. Abel at the Cancer Research Center in Heidelberg (Germany). He even expressed the opinion that patients had better survival chances without chemotherapy. Dieter Hoelzel from the German University Hospital Munich-Grosshadern has documented and evaluated along with other oncologists, since 1978 thousands of cases of cancer. His sobering comment: “As for survival in metastatic carcinomas in the intestine, breast, lung and prostate, there has been over the past 25 years, no progress.” In breast cancer, the survival rate is even lower. Hoelzel, “I fear that the systematic expansion of chemotherapy in breast cancer just might be responsible for the decrease in survival rates.”

Source: Spiegel, Issue 41/2004 (German Magazine)

The shocking results, which were published in the journal Nature Medicine, and – not surprisingly – are ignored by the mainstream scientific community, showing in detail how chemotherapy prompts healthy cells to release a protein that feeds cancer cells and causes them to grow, and spread. According to the study, chemotherapy causes that healthy cells release WNT16B, a protein promoting the survival and growth of cancerous cells. In addition, the chemotherapy damages the DNA of healthy cells, and that even long after completion of chemotherapy. This combined action of the destruction of healthy cells and the promotion of cancer cells makes chemotherapy more likely to be a cancer-causing therapy rather than a cancer therapy.”Liberated WNT16B interacts with neighboring tumor cells and stimulates them to grow and spread, but most of all it makes them insensitive to further treatment,” said Peter Nelson, co-author of the study from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Centre in Seattle, the results of which he called “unexpectedly”. “Our results suggest that the reaction in malicious cells … could directly contribute to increased tumor growth,” confirmed the whole team on their observations. (Englisch)

Nevertheless, chemotherapy prescription is growing more and more! The sales figures speak for themselves.

“The ultimate reason for resistance to an innovation in medicine is always the one that hundreds of thousands of people live on it, something that is incurable … “(Prof. Dr. Frederick F. Friedman)

The facts show the application of tumor destructive measures such as surgery, radiation or chemotherapy are not enough to reduce cancer mortality. In a healthy person every day thousands of degenerate cells are formed, which are recognized and destroyed by the imunesystem’s defense. Only if the defense and repair systems of the body fail, a cancer cell can grow into a tumor. A cancer is not a local event and also does not appear suddenly and without reason. The tumor is not the cause but the product, that precedes tumor formation by far. The correct therapeutic approach is not aimed solely at the destruction of tumor cells, but additionally includes the support of our immune system and the environment improvement. The therapeutic approach must treat and support the person in a holistic way.

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